Glos10k - Stories
Glos10k - Stories 

Here are some of the great stories that our participants posted

I have never run 10k before! My friend Pat E. prompted me into registering so I rashly signed up. I downloaded the Strava App to my phone ... a great motivator to record my time and distance while training during lock down. I have done coach to 5k before so challenged myself this time to do coach to 10k over the last couple of months. I wanted to do this in memory of my lovely Dad Geoff who passed away at the end of January. He bravely fought prostrate and bone cancer but lost his fight just before Covid-19 and lock down. My battle to run 10k was meant to mirror some of his struggle with this horrible disease. I made it and am very proud of myself. Even impressed my partner who made me coffee and breakfast when I got back .. that is unheard off!!!

5 years old and only really started running after the Race for Life last year, and since then had really enjoyed doing parkrun regularly, and quickly got her junior 10 t-shirt. She was really sad when the Race for Life was cancelled this year, but was keen to up her game and take on the Gloucester 10k. We split it into 2, and in todays run she even managed to take nearly 2 minutes off her previous 5k PB! What a super star!

Started running again in lockdown as the netball season had come to an abrupt end. Had not run a 10k for over 10 years and my last one was 66 mins. Smashed it!!!

Glad I decided to enter the Glos 10K having something to focus on and a goal at the end has really helped me through this rubbish time that we are all going through

This is the first 10k that my wife and I have done. We saw lots of other runners doing it as well and it was actually quite enjoyable!

Running for health and fitness following insertion of 5 coronary stents in 2017.

I have not raced for nearly three years. This year I decided finally to see a physio because of yet another few niggles....... she identified some issues. I did my homework religiously and started running only 9 weeks ago from scratch. Until today I have only been running under 4.5 miles at nowhere near 8 minute mile pace! So very pleased to run 7:49 today and finish strong! Thanks to Simon and Duggy for supporting my solo effort and to Nigel and Co for giving everyone such a great opportunity to compete and raise a money for charity

Mum passed away 5th July 2014 at Leckhampton hospice. The care she received and the support they provided to us was amazing. At her funeral we raised over £1400 and my brother and I presented this to the hospice. This run was in her memory.

Running for Sue Ryder hospice at Leckhampton as my Granny (Gladys) Smith spent her remaining restful days there nearly 40 years ago and still remember and think about her. The staff were so lovely and helpful I still remember.

I have not been able to get out much over the past 3 months and have had to get onto a pretty serious diet. I was worried about being able to string 2 fast 5k runs together but sheer stubborness I smashed through my wall. I miss the races and I miss the people. This too shall pass. PB 10k! Whoop whoop!

No real story just chuffed to have completed it after 18 months out of running due to pregnancy and a slow section recovery. This one was about proving to myself that I can do it! Thank you so much for organizing!

I am very excited as this is my first running challenge. I beat my record and ran 10km in one hour. I am very proud of myself and this also motivates me to do more train more and take on more challenges.

I gave up smoking one month, twenty seven days ago today (I never believed I would) and began running to help with the cravings... I know have the bug and can’t stop!!! :) This was my first ever race and my personal best time. I’m so happy!! Ps I will definitely fundraise next year but registered a little too late to start this year.

I ran in memory of my mum who spent some time at Sue Ryder. They enabled me to look after her at home in her final weeks. It was lovely to run with Alison today.

Started running again in lockdown as couldnt go to the gym. Decided to push to 10km just to see if I could still do it. And I have! Raising money for Longfield Hospice as they looked after my Mum in her last few weeks. Now going to see if I can get up to a half marathon! Only another 6 and a bit miles to do!

I have really lost my mojo with running in lockdown - marathon training came to an abrupt end and I am struggling to get round 5k at the moment let alone 10k so just wanted to say a massive thank you for going ahead with the virtual event - it got me out the door and running again Sharon D GCparkrun & HH

Running for everyone that has been affected by cancer, their families and the wonderful people that care for cancer patients. Let us find new cures and help support people as much as possible during this tough time x

The Sue Ryder hospice was there for 2 very special ladies in my life. Their journeys sadly ended but the work this hospice does is invaluable and makes end of life care so much more bearable for patients and families.